Book Review: Spotlight on World Cup 2003

By Prof Dr Nasim Fatima

Prof Dr Nasim Fatima

Spotlight on World Cup 2003 is a decent publication. The book in hand competes with the standard followed by Oxford University Press or Cambridge Series. White offset paper has been used; printing is up to the mark; layout desirable; beautiful title cover in gray shades and a colour of full dust cover present a batsman hitting the ball for a six. In the centre a member of the winning team with the trophy is inserted. Title cover spotlights the subject of the publication obviously.

Jalalddin, a former Test cricketer, has written foreword of the book. He reckons that 'Spotlight on World Cup 2003' is another worthy compilation of Syed Khalid Mahmood, having carved a niche for himself in cricket journalism.

The book consists of chapters: Dreams and Nightmares, a poetic imagination of the author with sportsmen; On paper Pakistan had a formidable outfit, an analysis and comments by Wasim Akram, a former Pakistan captain; Lack of passion cost Pakistan dearly, thoughts by Sikander Bakht, a former Test fast bowler; Rules should be transparent, opined Syed Ali Raza, President, National Bank of Pakistan; Mind power makes the difference, believed Azeem Sarwar, a legendary broadcaster and commentator; Australia rules once more, wrote Ehsan Qureshi, a seasoned journalist and Top of the Flops authored by Shahid Mahmood, a noted analyst.

The author has thrown light on the exciting matches of the tournament with the standout performance of Lara, Cordington, Fleming, Obuyu, Bevan, Bichel, Ponting and Martyn getting special mention. The scorecards of all the matches have been arranged chronologically followed by the complete records of the tournament.

The book is fully illustrated by full page colorful and action photographs of the top performers to give a vision to the matches. The book should have been adorned with a name index of the players and other eminent persons mentioned between the covers. The author deserves congratulations for producing a wonderful book for the fans of cricket in the country and abroad.

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