Book Review: Mission Caribbean

By Prof Syed Zulfiqar Ali

mission caribbean Zulfiqar Ali

I have been a bookworm for a number of years, having read the best of so many subjects. I consider Mission Caribbean: A Guide to World Cup Cricket 2007 as one of my favourite books of all time because of the wealth of information provided between the covers.
Trust me it's just not another book on cricket. It was published on the eve of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 that was being held in the different islands of the Caribbean and it was a perfect guidebook for the event.

It offered so much knowledge that it had to be revered as a handy book even after the tournament was over. Generally the books published about a certain event before its start tend to become obsolete once the action gets over but Mission Caribbean contained the contents that would retain significance after the World Cup 2007.

The book contains pen-sketches, alongwith photographs, of all the 240 participating cricketers from 16 countries. A lot of research and hard work must have gone behind this because generating the resource material for the lesser known cricketers of Bermuda, Ireland and Scotland has to be classified as a daunting task.

The majority of these 240 cricketers having been profiled briefly in Mission Caribbean are likely to stay in the international arena for quite a few years therefore you can always keep this book for reference purposes while following the cricket matches well beyond the World Cup 2007.

Syed Khalid Mahmood, a known author, has written separate chapters about all the participating teams, assessing their strengths and weaknesses besides analyzing their past performance in the World Cup.

Mission Caribbean, I am confident, will continue serving the role of a reference book for the years to come and the cricket enthusiasts will like to keep it with themselves. It's a more than useful book for anyone seeking to enhance knowledge about the game.

Mission Caribbian

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